Door to Door Service

Door to Door Service 

Digital Packer is the one stop solution of everything when it comes to moving and transporting. We offer all kinds of moving and transporting services be it domestic or International.

One of our unparalleled services are the door to door services. If there are products that are smaller or even larger in size and quantity and needs to be transferred or sent anywhere in the city or intra state too, we do offer door to door services. The items involved in the door to door services could be anything from small gifts, personalised items, samples, business shipments, and other things.

All the products that are not industrial items like plants or machineries are included in the door to door service. The goods up to 10kg are picked from a particular destination and are delivered to all of the accessible locations within the country. It is like a courier service of course. 

It is different than household moving or industrial moving in a sense that it does not involve real time transporting but shipping of the products as it happens in courier services.

We are better in this sector too in a lot of matters like providing reasonable rates for shipping, keeping you updated on the shipment throughout till it reaches the next door, we have a well trained and professional staff to do the following prescribed work, safety and security of the products is tight and intact so nothing to worry about that, we also give amazing service standards, and our transit time schedule is a lot better than any leading brands out there. 

Our team takes care of the package and all things that come with it from the start till the end when the goods reach the door it is supposed to. We have high safety measures that ensures nothing will happen to your package but if anything of that sort happens then we are there standing with our clients to reimburse them for the same.

Compensation is based on the kind of loss occurred and what the terms and conditions of our door to door service is. There is no hidden term or cost that we keep from our clients. There is total transparency between the two parties to ensure we are always on the same page. Door to door service is something we rest our clients assured by taking all their burdens of shipping on us. 

Customer satisfaction is what we aim for.