International Transportation Services

Digital packer should be your new age go not name for all things transporting and moving. Along with all the major moving and transporting within the country, we also deal in International transportation services. International transportation services is a lot different than the domestic transportation services.

There are enough man power involved, the costs go high, there are different taxation issues involved, the risk of damage is high again, and it is also extremely time consuming. Misunderstanding as a lot of people are involved is bound to happen which is followed back by lack of communication, and different other barriers come in the picture.

But, Digital Packer, as mentioned is the new age gamer in the industry and we do it all in the most positive way reducing your costs, reducing your time limit, giving extra assurance of safety, and also keeping everything minimal. 

We have our R&D team who does the best research in the International transportation services who help us create latest reports based on all the regulations related to the imports and exports of that country. This report is very important for us because we ship the products accordingly. The work doubles up when the products have to reach another country.

Our packaging materials are already high quality but for International services, we have to include more of the premium quality packaging so that nothing gets hampered at all at any stage. The right product needs to reach the right destination at the right time in the right condition, and a lot of process goes behind that. There are so many protection materials that we used for sending the products internationally without any harm being caused to them internally or externally.

Air transport and sea transport are the two modes of transportation in our company for the International shipping of the products. Door and port delivery are our delivery systems in other countries. If the products are of less volume, are of high value, and are needed urgently then we ship them through the airways. If it is the bulk shipment, is okay with the more transit time, and has less value then we ship it through the ship ways.

The weight of the products in the airways is calculated by comparing either the volumetric weight or actual weight whichever is higher. The calculation of the sea ways is done through CBM. 

We take care of everything thoroughly and even give you compensation for any kind of loss occurred. 

Customer satisfaction is what we aim for.