Car Carrier and Bike Transportation

Digital Packer is the new age transportation and the moving service business organisation. We are a mix of traditional understanding of the business along with the latest technologies to complete the orders sooner. The business of the moving industry is expensive and also time taking, but we beat them both by cutting down extra costs here and there along with doing the activities on time.

We have all the transportation services like household moving, industrial moving, vehicle moving, and lots of other related services. One of the services that we excel in are the car carrier and the bike transportation services. 

If you have to relocate your cars or your bikes from one city to another or one state to another, we are here providing the best guaranteed and reliable services for that. The safety issues in the vehicle transportation is extremely higher than any other moving services. But, we take care of it in a way that you can surely shed off all the concerns from your head.

Staring with the packaging, we have the latest of it to ensure good packaging of the vehicle from all sides securing all its parts. From the best safety belts to guard from all the sides to the best wheel stopper to stop the bike from moving when in transit, we have it all. To protect the seats of the bike, we have high quality seat protectors so that not even a scratch is there.

Along with this, we also have amazing scratch proof laminating material so that no dents or scratches are there on the vehicle. There are safety chains and hydraulic ramps attached to the car carriers so that car does not move when it is in transit. You do not have to worry about anything when you have trusted Digital packer. 

Car  carrier and the bike transportation services are kind of risky and for that we ensure you that we will take care of everything. We get a proper documented contract signed with you with all the terms and conditions. Unfortunately if anything happens to your vehicle when in transit, we are there to reimburse for the same depending upon what the loss is and what is mentioned in the contract.

To keep things more secure, we handle you your vehicle’s keys once they are locked inside the transit to ensure that your vehicle is not used for driving. 

Customer satisfaction is what we aim for.